The ALCAZAR  WIREGRASS SHRINE CLUB is part of the Alcazar Shriners in Montgomery, Alabama, which in turn is part of Shriner's International. 

The Club programs are funded by hosting a Bingo Program once per week for the general public on Thursday evenings.

The Bingo Program we offer is Traditional Paper Bingo - no electronics. The net proceeds go to the Alcazar Shriners Hospital & Transportation Fund.

The Transportation Fund provides funds to maintain our vehicles, pay for insurance, and provide meals and lodging to our drivers and our children being transported along with a parent or guardian during the child's trip to a Shriners Hospital appointment.

There is never any charge to the children or their families for any of the Shrine Programs.

The Ladies Auxiliary operates a Snack Bar providing a meal and snacks for the players and members. 

The Alcazar Wiregrass Shrine Club Ladies Auxiliary operates the Snack Bar and helps out the Shriners with help in the Bingo Program when needed. They are an integral part of our program and we could not operate without their assistance. All Shriners are Masons. 

All of the Shriners and the Ladies are volunteers. We are not allowed, by Alabama law, to have any paid employees connected with our Bingo Program.