Bingo Programs are posted on our Facebook page. Our address is: 


Our Bingo program is offered once per week on most Thursday evenings. We are closed for Thanksgiving and the last 2 weeks of December for Christmas and New Years'. These closures will be announced at Bingo, on FaceBook, and on our electronic sign in the front of our facility.

5:00 pm        Doors and Snack Bar opened to the pubic

5:30 pm        Sales open for Bingo games

7:00 pm        Bingo Games start

+/- 9:40 pm   Games normally are over

* You must be 19 years old to play bingo or be in the bingo area.

* Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

* Security is provided by the Houston County Sheriff's Dept. 

* The current bingo sheet (program) is posted weekly on Facebook at   "alcazarshrineclub"

* Seats cannot be reserved. First come - first choice.